Sweeping stakes,screenshots and mugshots to the table:Today’s Update!

That’s right! The creators have announced an official Island Hopper Sweepstakes! Read this post¬†as well as the official rules for more info.

Win prizes in the Poptropica Island Hopper sweepstakes.

Basically,though,you just have to visit every common room in every island to collect tickets that increase your chances of winning the actual Sweepstakes. You could win:

  1. A video call with Jeff Kinney himself!
  2. A 6 month membership (plus,the creators are giving away 1-month Poptropica Memberships every week!)
  3. A Poptropica Toy Blimp!

I’m not participating myself,as I do not need or want any of the prizes given above,but this looks very interesting (except the part below the Prizes section of the official rules. No one’s going to read THOSE).

What about you? Do you wish to participate in the sweepin’ of them stakes? (im so sorry)


In other news,the preview for Pelican Rock has been updated to include a photo booth similar to the one on Home Island,with lots of limited backgrounds,characters and props exclusive to it. Here’s one that I made,to ignite the volcano hidden inside you that is your creativity:


Note:While the name itself is ‘prison1’,I shall not be making any more;as this is just an example of what you can do with this.

Have fun with this beast of a booth of seemingly limitless possibilities while it lasts!


This one is just another advertisement for my Realms,Chole,but this time,it’s a preview of what’s behind the playground (spoiler-free,as there’s a small secret(s) to uncover. So,here’s the first official (heh) reveal of….


Yeah,it does look a bit small for a full Realms screenshot,but remember,this is cropped to keep out the spoilers (hint:Reach for the skies!). And,the code is as always,3vpqv!


So yeah,that’s all for today. See you soon!





P.S.Yeah,I suppose you could say it’s a bit early for the Christmas spirit,but it’s a long story.

So shut up.





Mystery of the Map released for Members Now: Demo Available to Nonmembers+ Costumes and Stuff in the Store! (Also Review)

The title says all.A lot,actually. Go play it,dummy!

(Read below after finishing the island)

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A Lot of Things

First,happy new year,everyone! I changed my avatar for this significant day:

It's Party Goofer Clown! Party time! WHOOOP!

It’s Party Goofer Clown! Party time! WHOOOP!

This,as you know,is a costume blog. So I’ve decided to show you my custom costumes in my closet:

closet1 closet2 closet3 closet4 closet5 closet6

Unfortunately,I had no time to crop them,so you’ll have to make-do till later ;(


Anyway,from left to right:

Librarian,Mysterious Man,2 people at Poptropicon,GamerGuy1337ROFL,a twisted version of Poseidon (I wasn’t in the mood to redo SUI Mythology just to get his trident), my attempt at being rare,Party Goofer Clown,Orange Orange,Bert Shell,PoptropicaExpert2j00L4U,Fashionisticky Clown,Elvis Presley sleeping,a guy whom I saved for the Tesla Coil,Dr.Jupiter with his Shrink Ray Gun,Ghost Warrior (African),Captain Crawfish,Shark Boy,Binary Bard,Hades,Dr.Hare,Thief,Monkey Awakening,Zeus,Poptropolis Warrior,Poptropolis Disc Champion,Dracula (from an ad), Percy Jackson items,Goldfish Fun ™ prize (the old one),and my try at a rarity mix (with Applebees Glasses,previously).


As you can see,I like collecting my costumes fully,not in parts. Very helpful for me. I have more costumes in my photo album,which you can see for yourself by friending me at xplus1. Well….I guess that’s it. Bye!








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