Cool Christmas Costume! (+Something Special)

Yeah,the title’s clickbait. I don’t care.

So,in honour of Christmas,which is coming up soon,I decided to change my costume to reflect on this occasion.

I was being heavily crowded because of how amazing it was and almost stopped me from taking the picture of the darn thing.

Now,here’s a look at my costume before Christmas:

my cool new avatar

Now,here’s my costume now:

cool christmas costume

Yeah I know it’s amazing.

And yes,you are seeing right:the SUI inventory bag has made it into the classic islands! I kinda find it a bit jarring,but it’s okay.

And keep an eye out tomorrow for Really [Un]Remarkable Realms!





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Announcing:Really [Un]Remarkable Realms!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately,there just hasn’t been much to post about this month so far. Not too exciting sadly,except the Christmas costumes have returned to the store.Oh yeah there’s also been a bit of a flood which kinda killed about 300 people in 3 days here. That also hindered me by a bit.

But,ah,that’s not why I’m here. It’s because I’m here to make a bit of an announcement. This blog is really running dry of content right now,as I’m sure you’ll agree. Heck,I’ll be surprised if you even read this post,it’s that dry.

And that’s why I’m starting a new weekly[?] series: Really [Un]Remarkable Realms! In this series,I’ll be doing something similar to what the Creators are doing on their YouTube channel,except I’ll be covering them a lot more extensively and also offer some dry wit constructive criticism and a rating out of 10. I’ll be mostly targeting Realms which :

  • have not been covered by the Creators in their ‘Remarkable Realms’ series on their YouTube channel or any of their own Realms,
  • have caught my eye by something which appears interesting to me in some way ,
  • have something original which distinguishes them from others’ generic worlds,and
  • you can also share your own Realms in the comments below (or if you’re from the future,in the newest post of this type) with the code,the name of your Realms,and a short description of your world,along with a reason for why I should see it or what makes it so different from others’ Realms.
  • I shall also only be doing one Realm a post,due to time constraints.The Realms each post  do not necessarily have to be from the same person,to display the variety of people’s builds.

(Disclaimer: The number of likes your Realms has is insignificant. You do not need to have ¾th of a trillion likes for me to feature it. Anything and everything can be featured here as long as it has any semblance of originality or uniqueness that makes it easily distinguishable from other Realms (eg. generic house builds will not be shown as they are too common and most of them are very similar in design).)

So yes,that is my new series,Really [Un]Remarkable Realms:starting next week (hopefully)! If you want,you can leave your Realms here with the above information and you have a chance of being featured.

I’m mainly doing this to spice up the blog to make things interesting! So,until then,goodbye!




Some More Shtuff

Because I like saying it like that.

Anyway,a brief summary of what’s going on right now…

First, there’s a new promo code for a not-that-new item: enter POPANYWHERE in the Store online to get a free Poptropica App Tablet/Phone! This is to advertise the Poptropica Apps,of course.

But this isn’t the only cash-grab for Poptropica- now,7 out of the 9 sponsor islands are now only available to members! Others can play a demo,but that’s about it.



But wait! Yes,I said 9! But there’s only Galactic Hot Dogs as the remaining free sponsor island,right?

Right. For now. See this gif that the Creators gave us.

Yes,the next island is in fact,Timmy Failure Island! Seriously though creators,colours aren’t that much of a big deal

You can learn more about this failure of an island (imho GHI was more of a failure) right here.

(Total? As in Total Failure? Heh. Nice one,creators ( ͡~╭͜ʖ╮͡°) )

Also,while we’re on the subject of islands and members,the last episode of Arabian Nights is coming on July 23rd,Thursday. What a coincidence! That day is also somewhat special for me ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

Okay,I’ve seriously got to stop using those.Anyway,that concludes this week’s round of news! See you later,and check out my Realms at 3vpqv!


Minor Edit:I just noticed that I didn’t post anything in June,the 2 year anniversary of this blog. I’m sorry Icicle-senpai,I disappointed you :,(  #3sad5me

Mystery of the Map released for Members Now: Demo Available to Nonmembers+ Costumes and Stuff in the Store! (Also Review)

The title says all.A lot,actually. Go play it,dummy!

(Read below after finishing the island)

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New Posts and A New Author

Hey,everyone! It’s your new author,Strange Cat!,with some posts which have been missed. For your information,I am a weirdo and shall always be. 😉 (Note:Older Posts are on the bottom)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic! (part 6)

Click here for Part 1

The end!

…or is it the beginning?

…and could there be a cheesier way to wrap up a prequel story than by asking if it’s the end or the beginning?

These questions and more will be answered on Virus Hunter Island, coming soon to Poptropica!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

LEGO CUUSOO — We reached 10,000!


It’s been a long road, but at last we’ve done it. We’ve reached 10,000 supporters for our LEGO CUUSOO project!

Now, it’s up to our friends at LEGO to review the project and decide it’s something they want to move ahead with. We hope they do. If not, we still had a great time working on “Dr. Hare’s Lair,” and we enjoyed being able to share it with you.

Of course, we’ve got one more item to give away to thank everyone for their support. The Dr. Hare Light and Shadow Outfits are available now, absolutely free! All you need to do is log into your Poptropica account and enter the promo code DRHARE10000.

(Not sure how to redeem a code? Find out here.)

That about wraps it up! Thanks again for all your help. And keep an eye out for more exciting Poptropica announcements!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It’s so dark in here…

Surely there’s nothing to be afraid of… right?

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LEGO CUUSOO — the drive to 10,000, and a new prize looms


We are so close — so very, very close — to reaching our goal of 10,000 supporters for “Dr. Hare’s Lair” on LEGO CUUSOO. That’s the point at which our job will be done, and our friends at LEGO will decide whether or not to turn this project into a reality. Until then, it’s all in our hands.

So let’s finish strong. Let’s cast our support for this project, and bug — er, urge — our friends and family to do the same.

Since the project launched last winter, we’ve given away some cool prizes, and we’ve got another one waiting in the wings for when we reach the goal.

Once we reach 10,000, we’ll be releasing a code for the new Dr. Hare Light and Shadow outfits! This will be free and available to everyone, but only once we reach our goal.

One more time: let’s help “Dr. Hare’s Lair” get 10,000 supporters!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Poptropica Game Cards are now available in Australia and New Zealand!

A lot of our North American fans know the benefits of a Poptropica Game Card. It lets you get a Membership without needing a credit card or signing up for a recurring charge. But for our fans in Australia and New Zealand, getting a Poptropica Game Card has been nothing more than a dream. That’s about to change.Poptropica Game Cards are now available in Australia and New Zealand exclusively at EB Games! For only ten bucks you’ll get a month-long Membership and can enjoy all the benefits: Early Access to new Islands, unlimited use of all costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store, 30 outfits in your costume closet, all the photos in your photo album, and the special satisfaction of knowing you’re part of the inner circle.So, our Australian and Kiwi friends, enjoy! And if you’ve already got a game card, redeem it here.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a Virus Hunter Island World Champion?

With Virus Hunter Island bearing down on us like a freight train, it’s time to introduce another great new feature we’re adding to Poptropica: a live player map!

In the past, Poptropicans have loved our lists of the first 10 players to finish an Island. But 10 is such a small number. Since we’re making everything else on Poptropica so much bigger and better, then why not this?

That’s why the new player map will showcase the Virus Hunter Island World Champions — anyone who plays and completes Virus Hunter Island during Early Access!

You’ll be able to see not just the top 10 finishers, but the top 100 and the top 1000. You’ll be able to see where you rank. And you’ll also be able to see where people around the world are playing Virus Hunter Island.

For more on Virus Hunter Island, check out the Virus Hunter Island info page — and keep an eye on this blog to find out when you can expect Virus Hunter Island to be released!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Create Your Dream Island: Tips for submitting a winning Island

Now that the Create Your Dream Island contest is open, we’re excited to start reading your Island ideas. You might be wondering how to get the inside track on a winning entry. You’ll find a lot of helpful tips in your copy of the Island Creator Kit.

Here are a few more hints about how to make your entry stand out:

A setting we’ve never done before

It might sound simple, but one of the very best ways to get our attention is to set your Island in a place we’ve never done before. Sometimes that’s all it takes for us to get excited about an idea. Even if you have a great story, if it’s set in Old Japan or on the moon, we’d probably pass. But if it’s somewhere new, we’ll be interested. Look for something that’s never been done on Poptropica!

An interesting time period

Another way to catch our attention is to look into the distant past, or the far future. For instance, when we were writing Mystery Train, we started with the idea of a mystery story set on a moving train, but it wasn’t until we decided to place it in a historical moment — the 1893 World’s Fair — that the whole thing came together. The when of your story may be as important as the where.

A twist on a familiar tale

We like genre stories. That’s why we often start with time-honored premises: a Wild West story, or a vampire story. But try to figure out what makes your idea different. For instance, Astro-Knights Island mashed up two familiar genres — knights and aliens — to make something new and original.

No licensed properties

Believe us, we’d love to make an Island in which Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen team up to fight Darth Vader. But it’s not up to us. Other people own those properties. For this contest, we can’t use existing characters, stories, or fictional worlds — period. So make sure that everything in your entry is an original idea!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. You can download an official entry form from our friends at, or get one in your copy of the Island Creator Kit — available now!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Go find it before it is gone tomorrow! Hint: Look for kids riding bikes.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Poptropica books out tomorrow — including the Island Creator Kit!

It’s been a long wait, but tomorrow marks the release of four new Poptropica books!

The Island Creator Kit will take you step-by-step through the process of making a new Island. It’s a great activity book on its own — but don’t forget about the “Create Your Dream Island” contest! We’re opening up submissions and will choose one player’s spectacular Island to create on Poptropica for everyone to play.

You don’t need to buy the book in order to enter the contest (you can read the rules and get a free entry form from our friends at Penguin), but following the steps outlined in the Island Creator Kit will certainly give you a leg up on the competition!

We’re also releasing Poptropica Friends: Quizzes and Activities for You, Your Friends, & Your Life. This is an activity book that asks a lot of questions about you and the people around you. You may even need their help to fill it all out! And who knows, when you’re done, you might have learned a little more about yourself and your friends.

Rounding out the new releases are illustrated novels based on two of our best Islands, Lunar Colony and Cryptids Island. They’ll bring these adventures to life in a whole new way.

We’re really proud of all of these books. We hope you enjoy them!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Get pumped!

To make it through Virus Hunter Island, you’ll need to be in peak condition. Pump some iron. Log some miles. Do that thing where you pick up two ropes and whip ’em up and down real fast — I don’t know what it does but all the ripped people at the gym are doing it.

Whatever exercises make it into your personal training montage, one thing’s for sure: you’d better be ready when Virus Hunter Island arrives. Because those nasty viruses aren’t going down without a fight. And it’s coming soon!

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I’ll see you guys again soon,thanks for reading,and of course….uh….weird on! 😀 (I can imagine Thinknoodles laughing and shouting,”Hey!You stole that from me! 😆 )
P.S.Since y’all have been so kind to me,here’s an EviLex: