Announcing:Really [Un]Remarkable Realms!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately,there just hasn’t been much to post about this month so far. Not too exciting sadly,except the Christmas costumes have returned to the store.Oh yeah there’s also been a bit of a flood which kinda killed about 300 people in 3 days here. That also hindered me by a bit.

But,ah,that’s not why I’m here. It’s because I’m here to make a bit of an announcement. This blog is really running dry of content right now,as I’m sure you’ll agree. Heck,I’ll be surprised if you even read this post,it’s that dry.

And that’s why I’m starting a new weekly[?] series: Really [Un]Remarkable Realms! In this series,I’ll be doing something similar to what the Creators are doing on their YouTube channel,except I’ll be covering them a lot more extensively and also offer some dry wit constructive criticism and a rating out of 10. I’ll be mostly targeting Realms which :

  • have not been covered by the Creators in their ‘Remarkable Realms’ series on their YouTube channel or any of their own Realms,
  • have caught my eye by something which appears interesting to me in some way ,
  • have something original which distinguishes them from others’ generic worlds,and
  • you can also share your own Realms in the comments below (or if you’re from the future,in the newest post of this type) with the code,the name of your Realms,and a short description of your world,along with a reason for why I should see it or what makes it so different from others’ Realms.
  • I shall also only be doing one Realm a post,due to time constraints.The Realms each post  do not necessarily have to be from the same person,to display the variety of people’s builds.

(Disclaimer: The number of likes your Realms has is insignificant. You do not need to have ¾th of a trillion likes for me to feature it. Anything and everything can be featured here as long as it has any semblance of originality or uniqueness that makes it easily distinguishable from other Realms (eg. generic house builds will not be shown as they are too common and most of them are very similar in design).)

So yes,that is my new series,Really [Un]Remarkable Realms:starting next week (hopefully)! If you want,you can leave your Realms here with the above information and you have a chance of being featured.

I’m mainly doing this to spice up the blog to make things interesting! So,until then,goodbye!





Best Prize Ever.

I haven’t been posting the codes for the Pop-Ins because you can just get them from the map or the Creators’ Blog. I’ve also not posted the prizes so far because they’ve all been credits (the prize day before yesterday was the worst),but this one is the best. Enter a certain code into the Promo Code thing and you get this:

I'm not even kidding.This is the prize.

I’m not even kidding.This is the prize.

I’m not going to spoil it for you so get it and use it.

Remember,this only lasts for about a day! Actually,I’m wrong. The creators have given us this for the whole weekend! So there’s about less than 72 hours left for this. But get it ASAP anyway!


Edit: This is my 30th post here so whoooo!

Some Islands and Flash Help!

There are 3 small things that I want to go over today:

First off,the creators have released a couple of new items in the store: the Capes’n’Cowls and the Hat Trick! The latter is different for both boys and girls and they’re available for 75 credits! Go check ’em out!

Next up,the third episode of Arabian Nights is now available for all! See if you can finish the final episode of the epic saga that is the winner of the Island Creation Competition and capture that Afreet Djinn once and for all! Pity you can’t beat my rank 😛

Finally,the Creators are helping us out,sorta. You know the feeling when you want to play Poptropica on your computer but the Flash Player doesn’t work? Well,if you go to the main page,there’s a little something below the main screen:



That’s right! The Creators are helping us with all that Flash trouble now! Go check it out right now if you’re having trouble!

You’re welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me,I have to go and win Reality TV Island again.

my cool new avatar


Edit: Timmy Failure Island is now on the map!

Here’s a picture: