Have You Ever Noticed (WIP)

Here’s a few odd/random/weird things that I noticed while playing Poptropica. Maybe you noticed them too?

  1. The egg on top of the Reverie Lounge on Mystery Train Island.
  2. The third agent on Spy Island is a guy dressed as a girl Β and not an actual female.
  3. There’s a crab on Time Tangled Island that explodes when you click on it eight times.
  4. You can ride the pickle and snail at Night Watch Island by getting a coin from the fountain.
  5. In Wild West Island, when you are riding Elmer, the Marshal on the Marshal office is spelled Marhsal. (Credit to Young Flame for pointing this out.)

23 thoughts on “Have You Ever Noticed (WIP)

  1. SI, I was wondering if you’d host a costume contest on PAw with me??


    PS: It’s in celebration of 2,000 hits.

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