Here are the few costumes that I felt were good enough to post. You’re welcome to use them as you please, just don’t post them on your own blogs. If you would like to add them to your blogs please ask me first.


Blue Beauty Belle

  • Wig:  Girl at the end of Steamworks Island right before you battle the boss
  • Lips: Blue Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Tutu: Blue Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Blue Southern Belle (75 Credits)
  • Boa:  Girl in yellow on Mystery Train Island
  • Belt from lady outside of castle on Astroknights Island
  • Bangs:  Prom Girl (75 Credits)
  • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)

Blue Beauty


Purple Punk

  • Hair: Vampire Girl 3 (75 Credits)
  • Purple Star: Backlot Island makeup table
  • Jacket: Biker (75 Credist)
  • Belt: Lady by the blimp on Red Dragon Island
  • Shirt: Girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Lips: Girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

Purple Punk


Golden Ball

  • Bangs: Purple girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Belt: Purple girl in Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Lips: Yellow Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Gold Royal Ball (75 Credits)
  • Shirt: White Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Necklace: Aphrodite on Mythology Island
  • Hair: Vampire Girl 3 (75 Credits)

Golden Ball


Magenta Ball (may alter later)

  • Hair: Vercua on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
  • Necklace: Golden Harbor on Skullduggery Island
  • Skirt: Magenta Royal Ball (75 Credits)
  • Shirt: Neach girl on Mythology Island
  • Belt: Merry Muse on Reality Tv Island
  • Bow: Merry Muse on Reality TV Island
  • Lips:: Girl in Herc’s Hurt on Mythology Island
  • Earrings:  Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)

Magenta Ball


Black Pop

  • Hat: Biker (75 Credits)
  • Jacket: Biker (75 Credits)
  • Skirt: Girl goth girl underground on Early Poptropica Island
  • Polka dot belt: Random person in common rooms
  • Hair: Gamer Girl (75 Credits)
  • Bangs: Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Shirt from Rock Star 2
  • Lips: Makeup table on Backlot Island

Black Pop


Nature Green Poet

  • Shirt: Girl inside Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Lips: Girl inside the Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island
  • Skirt: Girl near the blimp on Counterfeit Island
  • Belt: Green Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Hat: Tour guide by the underground tunnel on Counterfeit Island
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)
  • Hair: Gamer Girl (75 Credits)
  • Scarf: Pilot on Nabooti Island

Think Green Poetry



  • Jacket:  Scientist on Super Power Island
  • Lips:  Biker (75 Credits)
  • Dress:  Lady in B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island
  • Hair:  Random player in common rooms
  • Glasses: Girl near The Fjording on Twisted Thicket Island
  • Bangs:  Fan on motel roof on Reality TV Island
  • Clipboard:  Scientist on Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab



Coral Goddess 

  • Necklace: Triton on Mythology Island
  • Belt: Triton on Mythology Island
  • Shirt: Aphrodite on Mythology Island
  • Shirt: Lady waiting for the train on Mystery Train Island
  • Hair: Lady wanting to ride the train  Mystery Train Island
  • Earrings: Pop Star (75 Credits)
  • Lips: Pink Swan Ballerina (75 Credits)
  • Bangs: Prom Queen (75 Credits)

Coral Goddess


Teenage Daughter of Hades (Created by Nameless UNefiNEd, blog)

  • Crown, Hair: Hades’s Crown (Mythology Island)
  • Purple and Black bangs, star: Rockstar 2 (75  Credits)
  • Top, Skirt: Gothic Cheerleader (75 Credits)
  • Belt, Necklace: Goth girl (Astro-Knights Island, Ye Olde Rumor Mille)
  • OPTIONAL: Equip the purple Electrify if you have it (Store)

258 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Um… there aren’t any rules like “if you don’t post in a month you’re not an author any more” are they?

  2. Actually, could you reserve a spot till the SD’s and SW’s contests are over? I don’t want to be one on a thousand blogs. 😉

  3. That’s okay. I’ll wait to see who wins the 1 More contest. Depending on who, then maybe I’ll be one on your blog.

  4. I’m not the only one that asked, but every time someone asks the answer is tonight, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, even if it’s a different day! And Kitty said soon.

  5. Cuz all of the trouble I’ve caused them and I didn’t even mean too. I’d be surprised if they pick me. I don’t expect to win.

  6. Hmm true, but same goes to you too. 😛

    Also, remember Rough Lion? I think she’s just advertising her blog on Cheat Dude’s. You?

    • Yeah, but you’re far more active and know them more, or at least talk to them more.

      I’ve noticed that too, she posts all her blogs walkthroughs as well. I might give credit to my blog if I post outfits, but I’m not sure if I’ll post any outfits there yet.

  7. I told her about the spam thing and she got mad. I guess she really wanted to comment. I know for a fact she isn’t lying. She likes your outfits. I do too. 🙂

  8. I think he is. And do you know why he calls me “Miss Smarticle”, “Mrs. Smarticle”, and “Smarticle milady”?

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