Really [Un]Remarkable Realms 1:Sporty Knuckle’s Abode of Awesomeness! (Literally)

Phew,quite the title,eh? Either way,welcome to the first post of my new series,Really [Un]Remarkable Realms!

Before we start,however,I want to inform you of an update to the rules: I shall only cover one Realm per post from now. This is due to several reasons,the main one being time constraints. This has been reflected in the rules.

Now,shall we start?

Today’s Realm is by Sporty Knuckle:his Abode of Awesomeness,which you can see for yourself with the code h84p3! No,seriously,it’s actually called awesomeness. Take a look:


What really caught my attention was the way the building in the picture was designed. It was shaped more like a cavern than an actual building. Intrigued,I decided to go take a look at this curious cavern-like structure.

Now,here’s something a lot of you Realms creators don’t know: the location of your Poptropican when you submit your Realms to be seen by the public is where the visitor’s Poptropican will spawn. Many a time I’ve gone into someone’s Realm only to spawn right in the middle of a very large and barren landscape.

Sporty Knuckle may not have known this,as I spawned on the top floor of the crazy cave. Right here,to be exact:


I was a bit surprised,but didn’t think much of it. now,right off the bat,here’s something I really haven’t seen done yet in Realms:an indoor basketball court.



Well,okay,maybe not an actual court,but part of it. Still very creative. Sporty Knuckle indeed shows their love of sports very well,having not only basketballs on their shelf,but also rugby,baseballs and footballs. There’s also a computer on the side,meant for sport research,perhaps. I am slightly confused on why there’s a basketball up above the hoop (shouldn’t it be IN the hoop?) and why this is on the top floor,but those are minor nitpicks.

Now,I went to my right to see a quaint little living room.

rrr1-living room

This is very simplistic,with 2 couches,a potted plant,a table with a cup on it,and 2 windows above. Just lower the windows,and it’s good,though I don’t know why it’s on the top floor.

There’s a stairway on the right,for which they used the conveyor belt. This is bad. Why,you may ask? Well,because it makes you go up nice and easy,but to get down,you’ve got to struggle against it. It isn’t too bad here,since you can jump over it,but this will become a problem soon at the end. Keep this in mind.

Either way,this badly designed stairway leads to the restroom. You might wonder why I’m not calling it the bathroom,but let me show you it and you’ll see why:


Yeah…bathrooms are usually called bathrooms because there’s a place to bathe in them. While you can’t exactly rest in a restroom,it’s understandable why it’s not called a bathroom because you can’t bathe in it.Here,I’m not even sure I can even call it a restroom,actually,because restrooms have multiple stalls.Here,there’s only one toilet! It’s a bit of nitpicking,I know,but most houses I’ve been to have a place where you can bathe. I’m sorry,Sporty Knuckle,but this bathroom is a bit too simplistic for my tastes. Also,why is the bathroom on the top floor?!

Anyway,we go back,and you might have noticed in the picture of the living room there,there’s actually a mist elevator. Now,mist elevators are a very good choice,for elevators,because they can transport you up very fast,and if you leave a bit of space,you can also go down quickly. Keep this in mind,as I will be addressing it later.

Now,we go down to the next floor and go towards the left to something also a bit creative:the…fashion room?

rrr1-fashion room?

This is very cute. There’s a sewing machine,a closet filled with the clothes they’ve sewn,and a computer to see the latest trends. Very nice. The 2 unicorn pictures are also a nice touch.

Now we go right to the dining room,which is pretty much what you’d expect from a dining room.

rrr1-the dining room

Pretty typical. Not much to say here,to be honest.

Now we go down the next floor and to the left yet again. Here’s the food storage room:

rrr1-the food storage room

This is actually pretty clever if you think about it. In this house,there’s actually no kitchen of any sort,so what’s their excuse?They’ve been storing all the good stuff.Pretty good. You might be wondering about the door and the stairway but we’ll get to that last.

Now,we go to the right and go through a little tunnel to get to the library.


There’s a sad lack of books,but they probably ran out of space or something. For some reason,there’s a poptanium bar on the ground. There are also 2 cups and 2 cameras on the desk. I can see the cups,but the cameras? No idea. Where do I sit,anyway?

Okay,now we get to the stairway. I’ll try to be short about this one. Here’s the obligatory picture:

rrr1-the stairway

Okay,don’t look at those spots in the ground below. Don’t look at the door that goes nowhere. I want you to see where I am. How do you think I got here?

If you guessed by going down the darn stairs,I wish that was the answer,but no. You’re wrong. You might remember the door next to the food storage room. I had to go through that door,fall down,enter the front door,and glitch through the stairs. Why?


Why,you ask? Because there’s no gap between the stairs and the floor of the tunnel that leads to the library. Now you may understand why I dislike it when people use conveyor belts as stairs,because even if you try to glitch through those stairs,the conveyor belt will push you back. I mean,couldn’t you just break those blocks? Use other materials for stairs? Why do you even need stairs? The mist elevator worked fine! It’s a lot cheaper than building a door for 16 Poptanium!

*sigh* Sorry if I annoyed you with that rant,but really,that’s one of my biggest problems with this Realm. Other than that,the rooms’ structure makes no sense. Why are the restroom,the basketball court,and the living room on the top floor? And for that matter,where is the bedroom and the proper bathroom? Where is all your storage if you live here?!  The dining room and the living room are also pretty generic! And if you think there’s more,you’re wrong! I took a quick look to the left to see if there was anything else,but there wasn’t!

Sorry if I sound so mad,but really,all in all,most of those (except the stairs) can be considered as minor nitpicks,but they really bring this down. There are some creative things here and there,but sadly,they contribute very little.

For those reasons above,I give Sporty Knuckle’s Abode of Awesomeness (literally) a 7.5 out of 10 (rounded up to 8 because most of my problems with this are nitpicks).


So that’s it for this week’s Really [Un]Remarkable Realms! I hope you enjoy! Keep an eye out for some more of these next week! And remember:You can leave your Realms in the comments below if you want me to play it as long as you give its code,name and a good reason for me to play it and review it.

And that’s all,my friends! I hope to see you soon!






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