Escape from Pelican Rock Announced!

Yes! Some of you might have spotted it on the map recently,but now it has officially been announced! Check the Art Approaching Arachnid’s post for more details. Also,the trailer and info page  have been released!

Hmmm….apparently you’ve been framed for something and taken away and you’ve got to escape and find the actual perpetrator.Also,there’s a free printable poster for the island as usual. The member’s only items so far have been limited to one-a costume of an escapee Dr.Hare?

Pelican Rock Dr. Hare Escapee Costume

Aww,he looks so cute.But also very deadly…just like my Realms!

Yes,my lovely Chole has been updated again! Now including playgrounds,pools,trees,and wells among other things. Go check it out for yourself at 3vpqv!

And I suppose that’s it for today. But,tell me before you leave,what are your thoughts on this new island (and my Realms) so far? You don’t have to go into detail if you don’t want to,but please tell me your opinion. I want to get some viewer interaction going round here,’kay? Toodles!


Edit: Hmm,seems that the creators have released a new little sneak peek. Here it is:


Monday, November 9, 2015

This dog is on the scent

A guard dog bites a player on Main Street of Escape from Pelican Rock on Poptropica.

Surely he’ll be after you next…

avatar image

Well then,this is turning out to be very interesting. To the viewers,what are your thoughts on this? What really interests me is that the used a very tan Oliver from the PoptropiComics as the test subject here…SC out!
Edit 2: The island now has a public preview! Go check it out! You can get two items from there as well as a sneak peek into what the island will be like!  One of those…’prizes’ includes the dog from the above sneak peek,coincidentally. Another extra question for you viewers…what are your thoughts on the given sneak peeks so far?
…SC out!

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