Photo Booth Contest

Hey,y’all. So,you might know about the fact that the Photo Booth has gotten a bit of a Halloween makeover recently.Well,now they’re hosting a competition on it! Read these posts for more details. Basically,though,between October 23rd (yesterday) and 28th (Wednesday),you’re to go to the Photo Booth on Home Island,create your spooky picture (it has to fit into at least one of 5 categories),and then send it to the Creators. They’ll announce the winner and 5 runner-ups on their social media as well,so stay tuned for that!

Here are the photos I’ve submitted to them:


even more spooookier




About Starving Cereal (SC)

Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog down below. Click on it if you'd like.

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