Photo Booth Contest

Hey,y’all. So,you might know about the fact that the Photo Booth has gotten a bit of a Halloween makeover recently.Well,now they’re hosting a competition on it! Read these posts for more details. Basically,though,between October 23rd (yesterday) and 28th (Wednesday),you’re to go to the Photo Booth on Home Island,create your spooky picture (it has to fit into at least one of 5 categories),and then send it to the Creators. They’ll announce the winner and 5 runner-ups on their social media as well,so stay tuned for that!

Here are the photos I’ve submitted to them:


even more spooookier



Spooky Photo and a hellish Realms

First of,Timmy Failure Island is out for all now! Yay!

Now,let’s get to the good stuff.

First off,I’ve updated my realms. It’ll get approved by tomorrow, (the code’s 3vpqv) but it now has a playground,garden,and more! I recommend you check it out for yourself! There’s also one little thing that you will despise,though. Make not of that. You’ll know it when you see it.

Also here’s my second photo booth picture:


Oh yeah,I almost forgot,there’s a Fall Fashion Costume in the store for everyone. The cost? Only 75 credits! And…that’s all,I think. um…


Realms Update

I finished my house sometime back,but I never took a full screenshot of it. So here it is-22858 Clifford Home!


Edit: New version is here with a playground:


You might want to explore it to find out all its secrets.

Either way,after this,I needed funding for the rest of my realms. I went looking for some and I found it completely by accident:

Oh yeah,poptanium pyramid!

Oh yeah,poptanium pyramid!

Haha,yeah,what were you saying?

I thought as much.


Edit: If anyone’s looking for the Pyramid of Poptanium,all the info you need’s in this picture!

Can you get the 200th like?! Comment if you do.

Can you get the 200th like?! Comment if you do.


Ha,bet I spooked you.

Either way,I’m back. Sorry I haven’t posted anything since July (the August posts were written in advance),but I’ve really been busy in life. Thankfully,I’m on a holiday currently,so I can update you all on what’s been going on.

Timmy Failure Island is currently released for members (and it will be for everyone on Tuesday). Similarly,the Tutorial Island from the app is now online for everyone to play!

There’s also¬† a few other minor stuff,but that matters not to me. Except one more thing…

The Creators have been posting little animations on their YouTube Channel recently. Here’s one of them.

Now,if you’ll excuse me,I have a lot to catch up on.



Edit: I just saw this in a common room:

Uh...okay,radioactive pig. I'll be sure to do that. O-0

Uh…okay,radioactive pig.
I’ll be sure to do that.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention,Home Island also has a photo booth where you can make your own photos. I spent half an hour on mine,but here it is: