Best Prize Ever.

I haven’t been posting the codes for the Pop-Ins because you can just get them from the map or the Creators’ Blog. I’ve also not posted the prizes so far because they’ve all been credits (the prize day before yesterday was the worst),but this one is the best. Enter a certain code into the Promo Code thing and you get this:

I'm not even kidding.This is the prize.

I’m not even kidding.This is the prize.

I’m not going to spoil it for you so get it and use it.

Remember,this only lasts for about a day! Actually,I’m wrong. The creators have given us this for the whole weekend! So there’s about less than 72 hours left for this. But get it ASAP anyway!


Edit: This is my 30th post here so whoooo!


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Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog HAHAHAHAHA nice one me Nah but for reals I'll make a blog when I hit my 5 year anniversary so stay tuned warning though it'll be pretty bad

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