Pop-Ins and A Few Secrets!

Hey everyone! I’m glad to announce that the Pop-Ins are now available! To get them,log on to Poptropica,and go to the section of the map where the most recent islands are to get the code! Remember,the code only lasts for a day!

But there’s something interesting going on…I was looking into Poptropica’s files,then I saw something rather interesting…I won’t tell you what is,but it’s happening right after the Pop-Ins are over,2 weeks from now. You might have noticed a new password-protected page under SIB Goodies. Well,in that page lies the secret that I saw. The password is 3 different letters combined.

So I thought this was a great chance to give you it-one part a week,and it will be fully given when the Pop-Ins are over,so that you can go see the page and the secrets that lie within…

So today,the first part of the password is…Bright!

Okay? Hope that satisfies you 😉

See you soon…hehehe…he…



About Starving Cereal (SC)

Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog down below. Click on it if you'd like.

One thought on “Pop-Ins and A Few Secrets!

  1. Also fyi I’m having the other two password posts written and ready to go once every Tuesday/Monday for Americans.

    Edit: Okay they’re ready to go! Expect to see them in the next two weeks,around 10:00. I hope you enjoy my little present to you for 50 likes for me (and mostly from me) on this blog…

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