Some Islands and Flash Help!

There are 3 small things that I want to go over today:

First off,the creators have released a couple of new items in the store: the Capes’n’Cowls and the Hat Trick! The latter is different for both boys and girls and they’re available for 75 credits! Go check ’em out!

Next up,the third episode of Arabian Nights is now available for all! See if you can finish the final episode of the epic saga that is the winner of the Island Creation Competition and capture that Afreet Djinn once and for all! Pity you can’t beat my rank 😛

Finally,the Creators are helping us out,sorta. You know the feeling when you want to play Poptropica on your computer but the Flash Player doesn’t work? Well,if you go to the main page,there’s a little something below the main screen:



That’s right! The Creators are helping us with all that Flash trouble now! Go check it out right now if you’re having trouble!

You’re welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me,I have to go and win Reality TV Island again.

my cool new avatar


Edit: Timmy Failure Island is now on the map!

Here’s a picture:



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