Lots of Updates

Sorry everyone,I’ve been quite busy with life recently! But I’m back now for the weekend,so let’s discuss what’s been going on while I was away! I’ve done some more research into the mysterious ‘Sandbox Networks’ and I’ve found out the truth! It’s right here! So apparently,Poptropica was sold along with this Family Education Network! Hopefully this’ll change things for the better! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- In other news,Mystery of the Map is now open to the nonmembers,all Poptropica Hall of Fame winners have been announced (I’m not in them :,( ),you now get 150 credits for completing an island,and new chat options are now in common rooms!


Another major features is Realms Sharing! You have to be a member to share it,and the creators will check it out and approve it! You can also check out others’ realms (you don’t have to be a member for this) ,though you can’t break or make anything in them.

You’re probably been wondering what’s the progress on my house. Well,you can see for yourself! So here’s my realms code (enter it the box to get there: 3vpqv ! The name of my world is Chole (I once thought it was Chloe),and it’s still in beta. I’m working on it,I swear! Any suggestions would be appreciated,though.


Arabian Knights Episode 3 has now been released to members! I already played through it (#211!) and well,I won’t be doing a review on it since it’s part of an episodic island,but it’s good.

Sigh…if only SI were here to play it…she wou-

wtf is this



SHE COMPLETED IT BEFORE ME?! SI,you’re more on top of things than I am!

Well,I guess that’s it for the updates. I’m going to have to talk to SI about this. Bye!



About Starving Cereal (SC)

Hi,I'm SC. This is the 100% official SC account. All other SC accounts are fake and aren't recognised by the official SC corp. My posts are real,and they are infinitely amazing. My friends are great, and my enemies irate. I also have a blog down below. Click on it if you'd like.

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