Hall of Fame+Sandbox

That’s right! There’s now a Poptropica Hall of Fame! Crawfish,explain away!


Have you ever wanted your Poptropican to be featured on a Poptropica Island? Now’s your chance: introducing the Poptropica Hall of Fame!

We’re giving players the opportunity to have their avatar appear on Main Street on one of six Poptropica Islands. Simply play through any Island and earn that Island’s Medallion, and you’ll be entered to have your avatar chosen.

It’ll still count if you’ve completed the Island before, and there’s no limit to how many times you can replay. So the more Islands you complete, the more chances you have to be a star!

Each week, we’ll pick players at random from those who have earned Medallions. Those players will have their Poptropicans placed in one of six different quests. We’ll announce which players, and which Islands, after the first drawing.

Imagine: your name in lights! Your face on the screen! Your hot dog costume broadcast around the world for millions to see!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Poptropica now and start collecting those Medallions!


Crusty Rawfish


Thank you,Crusty (or whatever your name was)! So,wait,does that mean that if you’ve completed the islands,then you have to replay them throughout the week? Well,I don’t think we’ll be seeing me over there anymore.


Also,as you may now know,Poptropica is no longer affiliated with Pearson. But then,are they going solo now? Well,for now,it looks like like the answer is a big fat NO.

I can’t really confirm much,but look at the bottom of the Creator’s blog and you’ll see what I saw-right at the bottom,too:

...no comment.

…no comment.


So it now looks like Poptropica is now affiliated with ‘Sandbox Networks’,a company which was founded in 2000,it seems.

So what is Sandbox Networks Incorporated?

…I have no idea.






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