A Lot of Things

First,happy new year,everyone! I changed my avatar for this significant day:

It's Party Goofer Clown! Party time! WHOOOP!

It’s Party Goofer Clown! Party time! WHOOOP!

This,as you know,is a costume blog. So I’ve decided to show you my custom costumes in my closet:

closet1 closet2 closet3 closet4 closet5 closet6

Unfortunately,I had no time to crop them,so you’ll have to make-do till later ;(


Anyway,from left to right:

Librarian,Mysterious Man,2 people at Poptropicon,GamerGuy1337ROFL,a twisted version of Poseidon (I wasn’t in the mood to redo SUI Mythology just to get his trident), my attempt at being rare,Party Goofer Clown,Orange Orange,Bert Shell,PoptropicaExpert2j00L4U,Fashionisticky Clown,Elvis Presley sleeping,a guy whom I saved for the Tesla Coil,Dr.Jupiter with his Shrink Ray Gun,Ghost Warrior (African),Captain Crawfish,Shark Boy,Binary Bard,Hades,Dr.Hare,Thief,Monkey Awakening,Zeus,Poptropolis Warrior,Poptropolis Disc Champion,Dracula (from an ad), Percy Jackson items,Goldfish Fun ™ prize (the old one),and my try at a rarity mix (with Applebees Glasses,previously).


As you can see,I like collecting my costumes fully,not in parts. Very helpful for me. I have more costumes in my photo album,which you can see for yourself by friending me at xplus1. Well….I guess that’s it. Bye!








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