Small (Not Really) Notifications

Meh,nothing much since last time,nothing important anyway. Random tweets,random ads,random app updates-FYI,I won’t be posting about those anymore-only the important ones. Anything else?  Oh,yes-



Well,well,well.Who’d have known?


Oh,yes…I probably say something to you all now….er…..I’m now practically mute? Wait,no,that’s personal.Er….the pretzels were good? No,wait,that’s unrelated to the topic at hand? What is it? Oh,yes,I remember now-


You’re welcome,dumbos.


Edit:Two extra things.First,I encountered a super rare account.

'Poptropican Lizard'. Yep,I've hit the jackpot.

‘Poptropican Lizard’. Yep,I’ve hit the jackpot.

Second,just now,I’ve reached a 1000 friends! WHOOP!



I decided I would friend someone I had known for sometime now but hadn’t added yet. And…guess who?




CONGRATS on being my 1000th friend,Brave Sky! You can friend her at wimpykid2675! Cool,another Poptropican who joined because of the Wimpy kid islands! Though they aren’t so good anyway,I still like that. So WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Oh,yes,and you’re still welcome,dumbos.

The Lair is Open (Members Only)

Yes,Arabian Nights episode 2 is out for members! There is a scimitar and a shield for member’s only items! Now get out and play! However,be warned-there is a game-breaking glitch which doesn’t allow the player to progress further,I’m stuck on it. It has been reported to the devs,though,so it will be fixed soon!


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Edit:20 likes on this blog! Whoo!