Lost in time?

So I was going to Shark Tooth Island to get some stuff for a new line of outfits I’m working on and found this guy;


I’m not sue why this guy is here, or if I’m just late to the party but this isn’t right. He shouldn’t be here. Anyone want to help explain why this guy is on the wrong island?


SC:It’s actually some glitch. He used to be there before Time Tangled was released,and when it was released,he disappeared. He came back recently,though I don’t know why. I think he did come around the conversion of Time Tangled into a Sound Updated Island,however.


About Slippery Icicle

Life is a journey, an adventure, a road with twists and turns. Something that I'm in love with. I hope my life is full of friends and loved ones. I'll forever love life.

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