Lost in time?

So I was going to Shark Tooth Island to get some stuff for a new line of outfits I’m working on and found this guy;


I’m not sue why this guy is here, or if I’m just late to the party but this isn’t right. He shouldn’t be here. Anyone want to help explain why this guy is on the wrong island?


SC:It’s actually some glitch. He used to be there before Time Tangled was released,and when it was released,he disappeared. He came back recently,though I don’t know why. I think he did come around the conversion of Time Tangled into a Sound Updated Island,however.

Common room pictures,Land ™ winners and a new costume!

Yeah,if you haven’t noticed,I have been posting alot a lot nowadays. Here’s a blog post from the Creator’s blog:


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Best of the Land: The Best of the Best!

We loved seeing all of your entries in the Best of the Land challenge during the Poptropica Land public preview. And after we gave everyone a chance to vote on your favorites, each of the four challenge themes had a clear winner.So we’re taking it one more step. Which of the four challenge winners was your favorite?

Zany Crown’s dream home?

Serious Bird’s village?

Silver Lightning’s obstacle course?

Fast Lizard’s haunted land?

Tell us which was the best of the best by voting in our poll on the right!

Remember, even though the Poptropica Land public preview has closed, Poptropica Members can still enjoy the Poptropica Land alpha. Become a Member today to keep creating your own amazing lands!

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So yes. Which was your favourite? Mine was obviously….
11429 Clifford Avenue!

11429 Clifford Avenue!


What? It’s true!


Anyway,after a certain Halloween costume competition which I didn’t win,I started working on my librarian costume. I finished the model in 15 minutes of course,but I modified it slightly,and I came up with this:


Truly amazing...

Truly amazing…


I of course am not going to have that shirt once I manage to save it (I got it through a glitch),but everything else except the balloon is staying!


Whoo! I’m saved!


And finally,I’ve been hanging out in the Soda Pop Shop alot a lot,so me and Narfy have many things to show you. Here we go:







Yep.Strange characters. From a headless pirate to burger twins to a rich Wildfire?!

I was trying to costumise this girl...and...well,this happened.

I was trying to costumise this girl…and…well,this happened. “Narf!” Oh shut up,ya little bugger.


More awkward stuff coming up!

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Oh,my Aching Jealousness…

Ah,the good old days…


If you’re wondering,I’ve updated my closet. Here it is:


Birthday suit from last year (I also got this year's!) and Fashionisticky Clown.

Birthday suit from last year (I also got this year’s!) and Fashionisticky Clown.

Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans

Hello,everyone,in my previous post,I was informed by Silver Wolf,that the customize anything glitch is gone. There,I also said I’ll show you my closet,just to make you feel jealous. Great idea,no?


From left to right-Elvis Presley (just saved it today),someone with a lot of D.C.Diner items (from the Ad Transporters),Dr.Jupiter (with the Shrink Ray),Old Ghost African Warrior, and Captain Crawfish.


Shark Boy,Binary Bard,Hades,Dr.Hare & Night Watch thief (easy to get,though).


Really Rare and hard to get monkey costume,Zeus,Poptropolis Chief Warrior,MMC, & Poptropolis Chief Disc Thrower.


Old Dracula Shirt from Hotel Transylvania,Old Werewolf Costume from Hotel Transylvania,Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer;Costumes from Percy Jackson Ad,& another version of the Zombie King.

Not too rare. Not too rare.

Monster Ad Prize (head=gone,and tail=glitch),2 different versions of the Zombie King,a Goldfish Fun prize and me having Binary Bard’s hat,and the Oompa Loompas’ mouth.

*sigh* *sigh*

2 similar old versions of BB,Cowboy visiting Shark Tooth,vacationer,and a random rarity mix.

Well,that’s it,hope…

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