VHI Released-Bonus Quest Guide Here-Worst Title Ever!

Hi guys,

Virus Hunter Island,along with it’s bonus quest,is now released! (VHI for everyone,BQ for Members) Here’s a bonus quest guide:

Go to the Knave’s landing. A dog will run away from it’s owner. The owner will say that the dog,Belle,has been acting strange ever since he ate rubbish from the trash. She’ll ask you to help her dog,and you will get what he ate out of-something with the PDC’s initials on it! Go to the PDC’s lab.Talk to Lange.She’ll tell you about why the dog has been acting in a frenzy.It seems as if he ate the PDC’s heartworms which were thrown away! (Ugh,not again!) So you get out and go to the Falaefal place.The guy will give you some leftovers. Feed them to Belle,and you’ll be in the body.

Immediately you’ll be in her body,with a new soundtrack,slightly Arabic-like,due to the Falaefal.Now,near her upper canines,there’ll be some wounds. Cure them with your curing thingy.Go right.There will be 2 green long swiping things,probably the cause of heartworms.Speaking of the very devil,the heartworms are blocking a tunnel down-right.

You will have to hit the thingies first with your gun to make them disappear.Then the heartworms will go.But not all of them! To do that,continue right through a tunnel to a stomach.. Use the laser to go through the fat,and to go through the ‘Pop Chow’ by shooting it with your gun. Soon you’ll reach a tunnel for the intestines.Go through it.

In it,you will have a nerve maze.There will be nerves of different colours which will open paths with the door of their same colour,but may close another one with the same colour. Go through that and experiment with it. Kill all the green swinging thingies with your gun.After you reach a dead end,go back through it and exit it.Then go and exit the stomach.

Then the heartworms will stop blocking the passage,and you can go in there-into the lungs (yes,already). There will be a smaller lungs with-YA!!!! GREEN SWINGING THINGIES EVERYWHERE!! THE MOVE THEMSELVES FROM ONE HOLE TO ANOTHER!!!YOU’VE GOTTA STOP ‘EM! Anyway,you shall hear the classic boss battle song.My favourite music.

So you shall have to shoot at them-from near their holes. They may escape from one hole to another,but then just switch holes! After you shoot all of them,a small tunnel will be there. Go through it-for the final final battle-in the heart,this time.When you enter,you shall meet the centre of the heartworm. Shoot at it’s four parts till it sprouts the thingies.

Then shoot at the thingies from a safe distance. Then the white cells will finish it off! The heartworm is contained! A blue tunnel will open up which will take you back to the mouth.Then,exit the mouth,and you’ll arrive back safely at main street.The girl will thank you,and Lange will give you the Ace Pilot costume.Congrats,you’re done!