Costume For Upcoming Virus Hunter Island

I decided to make a costume for the new island that’s coming up, Virus Hunter Island! If you have viruses than you obviously have scientists, right? So why not play the island dressed as a  scientist?



  • Jacket from scientist on Super Power Island
  • Lips from Biker
  • Dress from lady in B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island
  • Hair from random player in common rooms
  • Glasses from girl near The Fjording on Twisted Thicket Island
  • Bangs from fan on motel roof on Reality TV Island
  • Clipboard from scientist on Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab




About Slippery Icicle

Life is a journey, an adventure, a road with twists and turns. Something that I'm in love with. I hope my life is full of friends and loved ones. I'll forever love life.

33 thoughts on “Costume For Upcoming Virus Hunter Island

  1. Hey! You stole my outfit.

    Just kidding. 😆 I made a Steamworks scientist. :mrgreen:

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